Dave’s Top 5 Observations of the Crazy Hot Real Estate Market.

Well its official if you have not heard, the past Month was the best month ever in the Fraser Valley Real Estate Region. So we can now call it a crazy hot real estate market. So being in the “thick” of it, Here are my top five Observations.

  1. “You mean we have to offer more than they are asking?” In a market with more buyers, then property available, many times the only way to purchase a home is by offering over the list price.
  2. “Sorry my Clients are going to Pass on the offer of $10,000 over list price and no subjects.” Not all offers are multiple offers and in some case’s sellers are passing up great offers thinking that more is on the way. In some cases that may be the case, but I am hearing more stories where buyers are walking away and sellers are missing the best opportunity that came their way.
  3. “Every time I inquire about a house its Sold.” Many times buyers are searching online not realizing that many websites are days behind our Home watch systems. The good news more homes are coming on the market.
  4. “Your joking…you have over 25 offers for us to consider.” Sellers are given the rare opportunity to be able to choose the very best offer, not only in price but in many other terms. Yes there are strategies in which we market to create a hyper “Auction Effect.”
  5. “Where are all these people coming from?” Go east young man, is a common phrase that is becoming a reality in our current Market, people are being priced out of markets to the west and our heading East to get the same style of home for a much lower price. I have helped clients get into homes all across the Fraser valley, almost to Hope BC.

So yes there is a lot of crazy going on, but the one thing that makes a difference is working with an Agent that can coach you through the crazy and help you have success, Call me if you are interested in jumping into the Real Estate Market. I can coach you on our “Strategies of Creating an Auction Effect” which will bring you as a seller a greater price for your home. And for buyers I can coach you through the five ways in which you can become a “Multi Offer Champion!”  I want to thank you all for thinking of me and for not keeping me a secret, and referring me to your friends and family. Have a great month and I look forward to hearing from you….Dave