Life is full of changes, what changes are you experiences right now?

Earlier this month I was helping my two oldest kids settle into university life, and it hit me that again life is changing. What changes are you experiencing right now? Some changes are exciting and expected, while others can be sudden, challenging, and difficult.

One thing I have discovered in helping people with their real estate needs is that they are often going through big life changes, and its a privilege to come around them and help them through those changes. As I have walked with people who are making life changes here are five short nuggets of wisdom that will help you or someone else you know through not only real estate changes but any life change.

Be Sure of the Why. Often changes cost, not only in money, but in emotional energy, and physical strength. Its important to dig down and ask….why are we doing this. Discovering the Why can either motivate us more towards the change or stop us, giving us pause to evaluate. Some times our changes come because of things out of our control, and the why is impossible to discover, in those situations we need to move forward, sometimes the why is only discovered much later.

Be together. Many of us have people around us, a partner, kids, or friend’s. What I have found is that change always goes better when those around us are on the same page. We all have people who speak into our lives, be sure to listen to them, especially if the change is also impacting them.

Get an Expert on your side. What ever the change, some times it is helpful to get some help. Reaching out to find an expert, can radically change your outcomes, a large change that could have been super challenging, can with the help of an expert, turn out to be relatively easy.

Explore your Options. If you are in the drivers seat with potential changes in your life, then spend some time to explore different options, and discover what brings you more fulfilment. Looking at the options will always give you more confidence in your finial decision. Not exploring may leave you always second guessing.

Move Forward With Courage. This last one is huge! First…you have to move forward, backwards or stalling never seem to help. Moving Forward is a great mindset to strive for and will always serve you well when you encounter or choose change in you life. Courage is not something that we always have enough of, and sometimes its a choice to be courageous even when we don’t feel it. Remember courage can grow when we do things together, pull in the expert, when we know our why, and have explored our options.

I hope these five wisdom nuggets, are helpful, and let me know how I can help you, or someone you know who is going through a big life change, and needs some help to navigate there real estate changes. Have a great month I look forward to hearing from you ……Dave Ellis