Helping people Navigate the Real Estate roller coaster is what I love doing!

A number of years ago I took a group of teens to one of the best roller coaster destinations in the world….Magic Mountain Six Flags amusement park, in Los Angeles California. As I ran from one coaster to the next, I noticed that some people, including myself, after the fourth ride where beginning to slow down and take pause from the crazy rides that we where exerting on our bodies. Yes its true when you get older these rides seem less fun, and watching people exit the rides became more amusing.
To say our Real Estate Market in the BC Lower Mainland, has resembled a roller coaster in the last months would be an accurate analogy. As a Realtor I get the joy of being with clients on this up and down journey, and a role that I have come to enjoy and excel in, is one of helping people to navigate the ever changing coaster called the “Vancouver, Fraser Valley Real Estate Market.”
Here are a few of the new changes and reactions to those changes that I have been helping clients navigate through.

The new BC government 15% tax on foreign ownership in the Greater Vancouver area.
The new Federal government regulations on people who are applying for a mortgage when they are paying less than 20% down.
Understanding the very latest market statistics and how these regulations are impacting the market.
The response and expectations new clients should have, bearing in mind how times, and certain practise’s can change or alter.

So as we move forward the interesting aspect of our real estate market is the challenge to predict what it will do. And if you are considering or know of someone who is considering selling or buying, My hope is that you would give me a call or recommend me to your friends or family. Here are a few things that are helping me be the “Best for my Clients,” in this current market.

I am keeping informed and up to date with the current new regulations.
I am actively involved in current transactions with buyers and sellers.
I am connected to leaders in our industry.
I am seeking further training and personal development.
I am interpreting the most current statistics.

Again thanks to all of you for taking the time to read this update and if you have any questions please feel free to call, email or text me…as always it is a joy to serve you……Have a great month…..Dave