I am Sooo… Ready for Spring….How about you?

Like many of you, I long for spring, sunshine, and cold Frappuccino’s.

Spring time is going to happen soon, and when it does here are two ways you can be ready. If you are considering jumping into the spring real estate market, and one tip that can help you understand new tax law, and in your principle residence, as you prepare your 2016 tax returns.

  1. Last year the spring real estate market surprised many! This year everybody is wiser, and ready to react, will that mean we are going to see a huge price increase and multiple offers? One reality that may push things into a similar place as last year, is the lack of inventory of homes on the market. What does this mean? Homes priced right that show well, are experiencing already multiple offers and surging prices. This is most common in town homes and the entry level detached home markets. If you are thinking of Selling, don’t miss the spring window of opportunity, call me and lets sit down and go over your options to capitalize on the spring market
  2. Thinking of buying a home this spring? Last year I helped many buyers through the multiple offer situations. Together with some great coaching we won more than we lost, and in every situation the overall outcome was great. If you are thinking of buying or know someone who is, call me and allow me to explain 5 key strategies which will help you to buy in this spring market. The most crazy one last year, is helping my client to win over 23 other offers!
  3. Tax Return time is coming up……. If you own a home, this year you must claim your home as your primary residence. I am not an expert on tax law so for more information click this link http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/gncy/bdgt/2016/qa11-eng.html  but if you would like to know the market value of your home, let me know and I can help you out.

Again I want to welcome new friends and clients to my monthly newsletter. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you and your family and friends. Please don’t keep me a secret, let me know how I can help those you know who are thinking of talking the Real Estate Plunge this spring. All the Best ……Dave

Helping people Navigate the Real Estate roller coaster is what I love doing!

A number of years ago I took a group of teens to one of the best roller coaster destinations in the world….Magic Mountain Six Flags amusement park, in Los Angeles California. As I ran from one coaster to the next, I noticed that some people, including myself, after the fourth ride where beginning to slow down and take pause from the crazy rides that we where exerting on our bodies. Yes its true when you get older these rides seem less fun, and watching people exit the rides became more amusing.
To say our Real Estate Market in the BC Lower Mainland, has resembled a roller coaster in the last months would be an accurate analogy. As a Realtor I get the joy of being with clients on this up and down journey, and a role that I have come to enjoy and excel in, is one of helping people to navigate the ever changing coaster called the “Vancouver, Fraser Valley Real Estate Market.”
Here are a few of the new changes and reactions to those changes that I have been helping clients navigate through.

The new BC government 15% tax on foreign ownership in the Greater Vancouver area.
The new Federal government regulations on people who are applying for a mortgage when they are paying less than 20% down.
Understanding the very latest market statistics and how these regulations are impacting the market.
The response and expectations new clients should have, bearing in mind how times, and certain practise’s can change or alter.

So as we move forward the interesting aspect of our real estate market is the challenge to predict what it will do. And if you are considering or know of someone who is considering selling or buying, My hope is that you would give me a call or recommend me to your friends or family. Here are a few things that are helping me be the “Best for my Clients,” in this current market.

I am keeping informed and up to date with the current new regulations.
I am actively involved in current transactions with buyers and sellers.
I am connected to leaders in our industry.
I am seeking further training and personal development.
I am interpreting the most current statistics.

Again thanks to all of you for taking the time to read this update and if you have any questions please feel free to call, email or text me…as always it is a joy to serve you……Have a great month…..Dave

Life is full of changes, what changes are you experiences right now?

Earlier this month I was helping my two oldest kids settle into university life, and it hit me that again life is changing. What changes are you experiencing right now? Some changes are exciting and expected, while others can be sudden, challenging, and difficult.

One thing I have discovered in helping people with their real estate needs is that they are often going through big life changes, and its a privilege to come around them and help them through those changes. As I have walked with people who are making life changes here are five short nuggets of wisdom that will help you or someone else you know through not only real estate changes but any life change.

Be Sure of the Why. Often changes cost, not only in money, but in emotional energy, and physical strength. Its important to dig down and ask….why are we doing this. Discovering the Why can either motivate us more towards the change or stop us, giving us pause to evaluate. Some times our changes come because of things out of our control, and the why is impossible to discover, in those situations we need to move forward, sometimes the why is only discovered much later.

Be together. Many of us have people around us, a partner, kids, or friend’s. What I have found is that change always goes better when those around us are on the same page. We all have people who speak into our lives, be sure to listen to them, especially if the change is also impacting them.

Get an Expert on your side. What ever the change, some times it is helpful to get some help. Reaching out to find an expert, can radically change your outcomes, a large change that could have been super challenging, can with the help of an expert, turn out to be relatively easy.

Explore your Options. If you are in the drivers seat with potential changes in your life, then spend some time to explore different options, and discover what brings you more fulfilment. Looking at the options will always give you more confidence in your finial decision. Not exploring may leave you always second guessing.

Move Forward With Courage. This last one is huge! First…you have to move forward, backwards or stalling never seem to help. Moving Forward is a great mindset to strive for and will always serve you well when you encounter or choose change in you life. Courage is not something that we always have enough of, and sometimes its a choice to be courageous even when we don’t feel it. Remember courage can grow when we do things together, pull in the expert, when we know our why, and have explored our options.

I hope these five wisdom nuggets, are helpful, and let me know how I can help you, or someone you know who is going through a big life change, and needs some help to navigate there real estate changes. Have a great month I look forward to hearing from you ……Dave Ellis

Summer is just around the Corner, and here are 5 things, I have to say about that!

  1. Get outside and enjoy our amazingly beautiful, province. I have always found that being in the outdoors energizes me and inspires me. Add in spending that time with family and you will be making lots of memories and building stronger relationships. They say that camping with your kids can be some of their best childhood memories….I know sleeping in a tent is not for all….do it for the kids.
  2. Pick one or two small home projects and increase the value of your home investment. If you would like to know what projects create more value, call me, or have me by, and I will coach you on what renovations will help your home and the enjoyment of it.
  3. Read a book. I have three categories of books that I like to read through out the year, the first is the Inspiration category, the second is the investment category and the third is the fun category,(which is science fiction). Drop a me a line if you need a good recommendation.
  4. Help a Friend. Giving back to others is a great way to get out of the craziness of our own lives, sometimes life can get so busy that we pass by the opportunities to care and support those around us. Take a minute and think of someone that you can help this week, then do it.
  5. Make the big step. If you are thinking of selling your home, or making that move, or buying that investment, this has been a great year in real estate. If your needing some advise or want to start the process, or know some one who does, give me a call, I would love to help.

Well those are my top five thoughts about this summer, have a great one and feel free to send me some of your top thoughts, on how to spend your summer…..Till next month ….Dave

If you haven’t heard, it’s a great time to Sell

It seems like wherever you go theses days it’s easy to find yourself in a conversation about Real Estate, and if you own a home in this current market you are usually walking away from the conversation with a smile on your face.

Half-way through 2008 homeowners were seen with similar smiles, until the taps turned off, and the market was not so hot for sellers and really good for buyers. I was fortunate to sell in a high and buy in a low that year, and I am thankful that I took the advice of my real estate agent at the time. Well fast forward 8 years, and now he is my “Real Estate Mentor”, and yes he is still giving great advice, after 34 years in the business.

This week I was sitting with Larry and we were discussing how markets can turn on like a tap and turn off like a tap. Well the tap seems to be stuck on “Hot” right now, and CMHC predicts that things are not going to change till 2017. We can’t tell you the future market, but we can look back over the past and see that we have regular cycles of the market going up and then correcting and then going up again. These cycles tend to last about 7 years. So with 2008 being the last big correction, could a change be in the wind? Wish I could answer that one.

Maybe right now might be a great time to make a move, here are two reasons why selling your home now might be a benefit.

  1. Top Prices – Last year at this time the average single detached home sale in the city of Surrey was at $562,000. One year later we have seen a 35% increase to an average price to $865,000.
  1. Less Competition – Last year in April 2015 in Surrey, we had 1251 single detached home listings on the Market and 417 sales that month. This past  April 2016 we have 859 homes on the market and 579 sales. What does that translate too? An amazing sellers market, with less homes on the market and more buyers looking for homes.

If you’re thinking of staying in your home for the next seven years, then ride the wave and catch the next “Hot” market. But if you are thinking of making a change and selling your current home, now is an excellent time to do so. Our Team is helping people retire early,  others are being helped to move out into the valley to buy their dream home, we are helping others to get into that waterfront property they have always dreamed about.

So whats your next move? Give me a call and allow me to come by and share with you what it means to work with Dave, at that time it also allows me to see your home and its selling features, I will also describe our Market Strategies which are creating at times an “Auction Effect”. A few days later I will return with an accurate market evaluation, and coach you on three listing price categories for you to choose from. A big part of my business is Referrals, so if you or some one you know needs my help I would love to here from you. Again thanks so much, I look forward to hearing from you …..Dave

Dave’s Top 5 Observations of the Crazy Hot Real Estate Market.

Well its official if you have not heard, the past Month was the best month ever in the Fraser Valley Real Estate Region. So we can now call it a crazy hot real estate market. So being in the “thick” of it, Here are my top five Observations.

  1. “You mean we have to offer more than they are asking?” In a market with more buyers, then property available, many times the only way to purchase a home is by offering over the list price.
  2. “Sorry my Clients are going to Pass on the offer of $10,000 over list price and no subjects.” Not all offers are multiple offers and in some case’s sellers are passing up great offers thinking that more is on the way. In some cases that may be the case, but I am hearing more stories where buyers are walking away and sellers are missing the best opportunity that came their way.
  3. “Every time I inquire about a house its Sold.” Many times buyers are searching online not realizing that many websites are days behind our Home watch systems. The good news more homes are coming on the market.
  4. “Your joking…you have over 25 offers for us to consider.” Sellers are given the rare opportunity to be able to choose the very best offer, not only in price but in many other terms. Yes there are strategies in which we market to create a hyper “Auction Effect.”
  5. “Where are all these people coming from?” Go east young man, is a common phrase that is becoming a reality in our current Market, people are being priced out of markets to the west and our heading East to get the same style of home for a much lower price. I have helped clients get into homes all across the Fraser valley, almost to Hope BC.

So yes there is a lot of crazy going on, but the one thing that makes a difference is working with an Agent that can coach you through the crazy and help you have success, Call me if you are interested in jumping into the Real Estate Market. I can coach you on our “Strategies of Creating an Auction Effect” which will bring you as a seller a greater price for your home. And for buyers I can coach you through the five ways in which you can become a “Multi Offer Champion!”  I want to thank you all for thinking of me and for not keeping me a secret, and referring me to your friends and family. Have a great month and I look forward to hearing from you….Dave

News from Dave

In this month’s “News from Dave” we want to welcome some great new people to our community, and discover how to Sell or Buy in this Crazy Real Estate Market….

One of great parts of being a Real Estate guide is the opportunities to meet new people from all over the lower mainland, and over the last couple months I have meet some great people (not meaning to sound like Donald Trump) if your reading this for the first time… Welcome, and my hope is that you will find these next few minutes helpful as you look to make a move, or know someone who is planning on moving in the next three months.

Unless you live in another province, you may have heard that the Vancouver and Fraser Valley Real Estate Market is soaring hot! Does that mean all real estate is selling fast? Well no. Detached Houses especially those that are at the entry level in your community are selling briskly, often over the list price, and with multiple offers happening. Over the past year we have seen home prices rise, and because of the current lack of inventory, we will continue to see that trend. The rise of the housing market has already priced some people out of the ability to buy a home in certain communities, so many are looking east into the Valley or buying larger Townhouses.

Speaking of Townhouses and Condos, we are seeing an increase in activity with small gain in values. If you are considering downsizing from a house to a condo or townhouse, now would be a great time to do that. So here are my top three pieces of advice this month: 

  1. Don’t get caught up in the panic. Yes if you own a home its a sellers market, but remember it can be challenging to find that next dream home.
  2. Seek out coaching and get that essential advice. Your situation is unique and it’s vital to discover how to have a “cool head” in this current market.
  3. Book an appointment with me this coming week. If you’re looking  to buy or sell, call me.  Whether it’s getting top dollar for your hard earned home or making sure you succeed in multiple offer situations, my goal is to give my clients a world class real estate experience.

Till next month, enjoy our spring and thanks for not keeping me a secret with your friends or relatives.