Values that Move you….

Over the last couple of months I have been describing to you my values and how they impact my life and business. If you would like to see the past months write ups, you can go to my web site and look at my Blog section.

So for today I want to look at three values that when put together give you a powerful means to accomplishing your real estate goals.

Creative, optimistic, forward motion. These four words describe how I desire to move through the Real Estate Journey with you. Creative helps when marketing your home, it inspires people to see the potential, both creative and optimistic help when road blocks or issues come up when your selling a home or looking to buy one. When it comes to helping buyers find the right home in this market, it makes a huge difference to be creative and optimistic, even if it is the 4th or 5th offer put in on a potential home purchase.

The words “Forward Motion” have everything to do with taking initiative, and keep the process moving forward. Selling a home or looking for a home can really impact your life, as you go through the Real Estate Journey, knowing you have some one with the knowledge, experience, and initiative can make all the difference.

So if you are looking to jump into the Real Estate Journey, give me a call and find out how my Creative, Optimistic, Forward Motion, hard work can work for you. And by the way thanks for not keeping me a secret! If you know someone who is making a move this spring, it would be my pleasure to help them out on their Real Estate Journey. Thanks again and have a great month!


Merry Christmas From Dave and His Family

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, my hope is that as you celebrate Christmas with your family, that you will have many rich and lasting moments and memories. From my family to yours may you have a blessed season of Advent, and of course a “Happy New Year!”

Thanks for not keeping me a secret when it comes to helping people on their Real Estate Journey!


The values of My business

Last month I shared with you my first two values, ( Transparent Truthfulness) which flow together, and stand as a integral part of my life and business. This month I want to share three values, (Determined, Diligent, Resolute), which when put together create a tenacity and work ethic that serves you well.

A reality in the Real Estate Market is the fact that so many things can go very right, and at the same time very wrong. Often the difference between those two potential experiences is how one deals with the unforeseen, and the many details of any given transaction. Determination in finding your dream home, in a current market, of multiple offers and low inventory. The diligent work of applying multiple Marketing systems, which get your home marketed in a way that maximizes your home investment. The Resolute of doing the very best to serve you and provide you with a world class real estate experience, when you work with me. All these things don’t happen by chance… they flow out of values that guide me in how I do life and business. One of they ways you can discover more about how I work, and if we are a good fit in helping you on your real estate journey, is by meeting with you and allowing me to share with you my passion to help and serve you. The spring market is sure to come early this year, so please call me as soon as possible to schedule a meeting…. Till next month, thanks for reading…..Dave

Dave’s 12 Values for Business

Transparent, truthfulness.

Determined, diligent, resolute.

Creative, optimistic, forward motion.

Growing, Inspiring, community.

An exciting opportunity for Dave

Recently Larry and Marlene Siebert approached me, to contemplate joining their Re/max Real Estate Team. The Siebert team is very well known in the Fraser Valley, and in 2015 they were voted Abbotsford’s Favourite Realtor’s from 22,000 voters. With having 33 years of proven time tested systems and marketing campaigns this all ensures that each client receives a “World Class Real Estate Experience” when making a move.

A Referral Based Business Model that matches my passion…

Larry and Marlene have been great friends of Bev and I over the past 18 years, serving as our Realtors, and instrumental in helping me  purse a career in Real Estate. I have always been intrigued with Larry and Marlene’s “Referral Based Business Model.” It is unique to the industry, where 92% – 96%  of their business is from introductions / referrals, when the industry average is less than 50 percent!   With stats like that, you know they are doing something different

And so the big news is….

I am excited to let you know I am officially a member of the “Siebert Team,” This means that I am looking forward to re-connecting and serving my Abbotsford friends as I will be out in Abbotsford each week. And for those who live close to us in Surrey and White Rock I look forward to introducing you to the Siebert Team this coming year, & providing you with a World Class Real Estate Experience.

An opportunity to call you and share with you the difference in “By Referral Only.”

For many of you I have your email info only, moving forward I would love to be able to send you items, or give you a call.. If you could take a few moments to email me,  your phone number and address, that would be so appreciated or take a moment to text me so that we can share our contact info. My cell number is 778-214-1414. Thanks so Much!

Dave… a proud new member of the Siebert Re/max Team.

You want to sell your House? Don’t fall into this trap…

You want to sell your home, you call up a Realtor who promised to give you a free evaluation, they come over and ask you how much you think your home is worth. Like most of us who own a home, and have pride in our investment, we throw out a price that we would like to receive, knowing that it might be a bit high, you then wait for the Realtors response.

In that moment the Realtor has a decision to make, which could have a impact on their chance to list you home. Does he or she agree with you on your price, in order to get the listing, and then after a lack of showings, starts to tell you that you need to lower your price, or do they truthfully take the time to educate you on what “Market Value” is, and how the proper listing price can directly aid in the sale of your home.

The second scenario takes two ingredients in which the Realtor must possess; “truthfulness” and “skill,” in order to explain “Market Value,” and the saleability of your home. In a short moment you can discover a Realtors actual “lived out” and “practiced” values. When someone lives out their values it becomes a reflex, and it is those little moments lived out, that defines the type of person you are choosing to do business with.

Last month I wrote about the importance of having Business values, that are actually practiced, and lived out, not just words on a paper or on a web page. This month I want to introduce you to my values and then speak about two of them.

One thing you will discover about me is that I love engines, and so I created a “V12 value engine” for my life and business. These twelve words make up four sentences which are the values that drive my business forward. Here is my V12! If you are wondering V stands for “Values.”

Transparent, truthfulness.
Determined, diligent, resolute.
Creative, optimistic, forward motion.
Growing, Inspiring, community.

Transparent truthfulness is more than being honest when asked a question, because often we see how “honest Businessman” avoid the questions, transparent truthfulness is choosing to be clear and upfront for the benefit of the client even before the interest of the Realtor.

Next month I will be sharing with you the second sentence of my V12 values engine, until then thanks for taking a few moments getting to know me, and how I do business. I hope that I will get an opportunity to help and serve you on your upcoming Real Estate Journey. Please don’t hesitate to call, email, or text me. Have a great month……Dave

South Surrey “Real Estate Journeys” Meetup @Minks Chochlate

Are you entering into a Real Estate Journey soon? This Meet-up is a monthly group that gathers around great coffee and chocolate, to discover more about the current real estate market in the South Surrey Area. Each week we will discuss the latest stats in the residential house, townhouse and condo market, along with a topic which will help to educate you further and prepare you for your real estate Journey.


Minks Chocolate

15775 Croydon Drive, Surrey, BC (map)

Located in the “Shops in Grandview Corners” in South Surrey


The first Wednesday of every month from 7-8 pm


Join us for a coffee as we discuss and brainstorm around building good Financial practices, which will greatly aid you in reaching your Real estate goals and dreams.

Join us



South Surrey “Real Estate Journeys” Meetup @Minks Chochlate

Surrey, BC
22 Members

Are you entering into a Real Estate Journey soon? This Meet-up is a weekly group that gathers around great coffee and chocolate, to discover more about the current real estate…

Next Meetup

How to Create Financial Punch to reach your Real Estate Drea…

Wednesday, Dec 2, 2015, 7:00 PM
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Check out this Meetup Group →

The Value of “Values” Have you heard of “RRP”?

When was the last time you asked someone you where doing business with, what values they lived and worked by? Actually coming up with an answer to that question would require a business person a significant process, which requires them to analyze and observe actual qualities in which they live by — because real “values” are not nice words in which you hope to aspire to at some point in your life, but rather, they are “actions” which are already being lived out.

In other words, “values” have no value if they are not evident in a person’s life and business. Really seeing a person’s values requires forming relationships. In our communities we have many forms of relationships, and when we meet people and form friendships or acquaintances, we begin to discover what their values are. For example, it’s difficult to discover what values a Real Estate Agent embodies, by looking at the twenty-some ads that have been placed in your mailbox (although consistency may be noticed).

Real values are discovered in the small interactions which give a window into a person’s life, and their “lived out” values. Starting next month, I want to share with you some of the values that I choose to live and do business by. Even though these values will just be words on a page, my hope is through the interactions we may have, that you will discover my values; and as an added bonus, I hope to have an opportunity to discover yours — because “real value” comes when we can be inspired and moved by each other’s lives. (Next month: transparent truthfulness.)

Have you heard of “RRP”?  The biggest compliment you could give me, is by referring my “Real Estate Services” to a family member, neighbour, or co-worker. I am very grateful to those that choose to help in this way, and my goal is to serve you and those you refer to me to the best of my abilities. To thank those that do this, I have created a small token of my appreciation with my new “Referral Rewards Program.” To find out more about this click this link below.

Have a great month and thanks again for allowing me to be your Real Estate Guide!   

All the best,

Events Not to Miss out on!

Aug 26th 

6-8:30pm Picture in the Park with Your Dog. Morgan Hieghts Linear Park -16151 25 Ave. Receive a free picture with you and your dog, and prizes from Pet-Smart.

Starting This Fall

Weekly Meet-up group in the Morgan Heights Area, giving you a weekly “Market Update,” and discussing many topics pertaining to the Real Estate Journey.

Starting Sept 9th @ Minks Chocolate

All are welcome…Wed Nights 7-9pm

Big News! Dave unveils his new “Referral” program

Big News … Dave unveils his new “Referral” program!

Read All About it! Over this past year as I have been helping guide families into their new homes, I have also been busy at building different aspects of my business. This month I am excited to unveil my new “Referral Rewards Program.” Working with people I know is always a huge privilege and doing my very best for them and their family is always my goal. Being Referred to help someone you know is a huge compliment and honour, one that I want to recognize and not take lightly.

How does it work? If you “Refer” someone to me, and I guide them through their Real Estate Journey, you then get to pick one of the 10 “Referral Rewards.” All Packages have the same $300 dollar value. Call me if you have any questions.

Referral Rewards

1) Coffee Plus (Star-bucks or Tim Hortons)

2) iRenovate  (Home- Depot or Rona)

3) Music or Movies (iTunes)

4) Visa Gift Card

5) Dinners out (Keg or Boathouse)

6) Custom Art Commission (18×24 or 20×20)

7) Home Staging Package

8) One hour Photo Booth Vancouver Rental

9) 2 Night Get-Away package

10) Doleinte Lifestyle Photography package

Well thats all for this month, thanks again for taking the time to read this update and remember…I am never to busy for you or your referrals!   – Dave

Take Four Minutes to Read Four things From Dave

Team work Sells! Just this past month I went to work for a great couple, they wanted me to list their Townhouse. I stopped by to visit them, to hear their story, and get an idea of what they had done to make their place an amazing show home. We came up with a price that matched what we felt would warrant their hard work. I then got to work, by marketing the home and showing it to many potential new owners. Each showing this great couple had their home looking 110%, and with all of our hard work, their house sold for over the list price, in 35 days. Thanks to team work, we are seeing this couple moving forward with a smile!

The Kids are growing up! This past year we had all of our kids in High School and each one made the Honour roll, and I am sure glad its summer holidays, I needed a break from all that homework…LOL ! Parents proudest moment.. when my oldest son graduated from High School. We are so proud of you David!

Hot Market If…. you have a single family detached home. Sales are up and inventory is low in this category, which means that it is a “Sellers Market.” Townhouses have seen a slight up tick and condos are slowly rising. How does that impact you? Call me and let’s do coffee, I would love to help you understand more about the real estate market in what ever category you find yourself in right now.

All Dogs Invited. This coming August 26th is “National Dog Day.” To celebrate man’s best friend, I am putting on a client and neighbourhood event. It is sure to be an amazing time, where you can bring the whole family. Be sure to mark the date, as we work on the details of this fun event. More info in our next monthly update.

Thanks for taking four minutes to read, and remember I am never too busy for you or your referral…..Go Team!